Students of the Month (January - Virtue observed: Magnificence)

This month as we return from our Christmas Holiday break, we have been observing students who demonstrated the virtue of magnificence.  Every student that was chosen for this virtue demonstrated an act of doing great things for God and for other people.

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Anthony Arnona

PreK-4 - Juliana Landry

Kindergarten - Therese Massery

1st grade - Liam Smith

2nd grade - Sophie Hinson

3rd grade - Chloe Lossett

4th-6th - Alexander Valverde

Artists of the Month

Jovie Randall and Elise Ladner

Students of the Month (December - Virtue observed: Patience)

This month students have been observed according to the virtue of patience.  Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Every student that was chosen for this virtue showed great examples of what patience truly is.

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Walker Robinson

PreK-4 - Ana Anderson

Kindergarten - Charles Fowler

1st grade - Jaleeya Long

2nd grade - Lilly Odom

3rd grade - Sarai Goode

4th-6th - Jaydence Taylor

Artists of the Month

Paityn Rein and Cole Sortina

Students of the Month (November - Virtue observed: Self Control)

This month of November, we observed students who showed sincere self control in their daily lives. One of the most important qualities is the ability to control one's self especially in challenging situations. Those who possess the virtue of self control are truly blessed. They not only know they have been blessed, but they continuously remember that all good things come from God. We need to understand that everything that we have and everything that we are is a gift.

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Weston Robinson

PreK-4 - Karsyn Guy

Kindergarten - Adriana Arnona

1st grade - Stella Hinson

2nd grade - Carson Wolfe

3rd grade - Zoey Schill

4th-7th grade - Lucius Mangin

Artists of the Month

Sophie Hinson and Mariam Valverde

Students of the Month (October - Virtue observed: Generosity)

The virtue of the month is Generosity.  These students showed the quality of being kind and unselfish to their teachers and classmates. We are very proud to have students that represent this virtue at our school.

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Gatlin Dragon

PreK-4 - Sadie Randall

Kindergarten - Lily-Ann Weaver

1st grade - Lily Swanson

2nd grade - Lloyd Francis

3rd grade - Rowan Randall

4th-7th grade - Melanie Champagne

Artists of the Month

Alli Colletti and Lucius Mangin

Students of the Month (September - Virtue observed: Patriotism)

Patriotism, such a loyal word, carries so much meaning and importance for our country.  Having patriotism shows one's devoted love and support for their country.  It makes us noble and strengthens our positive qualities, and our actions can transform us into much better people.  Congratulations to our students!

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Declan Ladner

PreK-4 - Damian Gomez

Kindergarten - Adrien Smith

1st grade - Luke Justrabo

2nd grade - Truitt Ladner

3rd grade - Elise Ladner

4th-7th grade - Bonney Duggan

Artists of the Month

Jaleeya Long and Shea Wolfe

Charles Fowler (August Artist of the Month)

Students of the Month (August - Virtue observed: Affability)

Congratulations to each one of you for demonstrating every single day pleasant, friendly attitudes and words towards classmates and faculty members. We are so glad you are part of the StCB family!

From left to right:

PreK-3 - Bernadette Massery

PreK-4 - Emmett Bynum

Kindergarten - Jordyn Taylor

1st grade - Jovie Randall

2nd grade - Alexandra Canville

3rd grade - Mariam Valverde

4th-7th grade - Shea Wolfe

Artists of the Month

Charles Fowler and Melanie Champagne