Blue Angel Student of the Month

Students of the Month (October - Virtue observed: Moderation)

The month of October our virtue studied and observed was Moderation. And what a difficult virtue to practice in our modern days! Days in which in indulge in front of TV's, video games, cell phones, internet... Living in moderation means paying attention to balance in our lives. Not spending too much time on something we enjoy. We proudly present to you the StCB Students of the month for October!

Congratulations to each and every one of you!
From left to right:
Pre K-3 - Winston Palmisano
Pre K-4 - Adriana Arnona
Kindergarten - Stella Hinson

1st grade - Lloyd Francis
2nd grade - Elise Ladner
3rd grade - Brighton Cole
4th grade - Nicholas Adelfio
5th grade - Alexander Valverde
8th grade - Bryton Mizes

Students of the Month (September - Virtue observed: Respect)

Respect, such a simple little word, that carries so much meaning and importance behind it... Being respectful makes us noble and strengthens our positive qualities, and our actions can transform us into much better people. 

Congratulations to our students of the month!

From left to right:

Pre K-3 - Kanyn Alford

Pre K-4 - Dean Mooney

Kindergarten - Patrick Adelfio

1st grade - Dakota Todd

2nd grade - Rowan Randall

3rd grade - Preston Harvey

4th grade - Chloe Foret

5th grade - Melanie Champagne

6th-8th grade - Bonnie Houston

Students of the Month (August - Virtue observed: Kindness)

Congratulations to each one of you for demonstrating every single day kind attitudes and words towards classmates and faculty members. We are so glad you are part of the StCB family!

From left to right:

Pre K-3 - Cohen Ladner

Pre K-4 - Cadence Cassidy

Kindergarten - Gabriella Micelli

1st grade - Sophie Hinson

2nd grade - Ashlynn Tolar

3rd grade - Connor Robertson

4th grade - Jadynce Taylor

5th grade - Tavion Gillespie

6th-8th grade - Averi Tolar

Principal Dr. Sharon Guepet, far right