Purchased Lunches

We have lunch ordered and delivered five days a week, for what's planned see the Lunch Calendar page. We will take orders through the Lunch Order page. Please note the order deadlines and the date in which your FACTS account will be charged. Your child also has the choice of bringing a drink, purchasing milk, or drinking water for lunch. 


Milk is also offered to the students for $9.00 per month or $75.00 per year. If ordering milk monthly, your FACTS account will be charges on the first of the month. 

Packed Lunches

On days that you send lunch, please make sure that your child can open and handle it themselves. We will not be able to heat food at school. Send warmed foods in a thermos. Please, no carbonated drinks, sweetened juices, sugary or extra sweet foods, snacks, or fast food. DO NOT SEND HIGHLY SWEETENED, SUGARY OR HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS, KOOLAID, OR HIGH SUGAR DRINKS for lunch; we will not allow them to eat those foods. Please make sure your child’s name is on his/her lunch box or bag. Please have your child bring their lunch with them in the morning. If your child does not have his or her lunch in the morning, the parent will be called and required to bring a lunch to the school office before 9:00 a.m. Bringing a child’s lunch during lunch time is a disturbance to the school day.

Lunch Etiquette

Proper table manners are expected of all children during eating times.We are counting on your help in teaching and reinforcing proper meal etiquette. What they do at home, they will do in school or in public.Teach your child to sit down while eating, talk quietly, and to eat lunch before dessert.

Parents – Lunch Visit 

We would like to invite you to have lunch with your child on the first Thursday of every month. Please see the schedule for the date & lunch time for your child's class. Please enter through the front door of the Parish Hall.